Equistro is a range of supplements specially formulated to support your horse’s individual needs throughout its life.


Equistro is manufactured by Vetoquinol, the 4th largest animal health only company worldwide that has been dedicated to developing, innovating and manufacturing quality veterinary products for more than 80 years.


What is Equistro?


Equistro is a sophisticated range of specific nutritional supplements and care products designed to optimise the performance of your 'equine athlete'.


They represent the leading edge of current research in veterinary science, animal nutrition and processing technology and as such they are supported with continuous research and development by leading authorities in the field.


Equistro supplements are organic, specifically targeted formulations of the highest biological value, available in a comprehensive range of applications to ensure optimum flexibility for the discerning owner.


So whether you want your 'athlete' to perform to the very highest professional level or simply to their 'personal best', you can be sure that by choosing Equistro, you are giving them a head start.


Why Equistro?


• Premium quality ingredients with a high biological value.


• Carefully manufactured to meet the nutritional requirements of horses.


• Bio-efficient formulation – products that you can rely on.


Used by international riders world-wide



What is bio-efficiency?


Bio-efficiency is not merely and advertising ploy, but a genuine way of looking at our market and products. We are determined to build a range that enables horses to enjoy life to the full whatever their lifestyle. A bio-efficient product distributes its components throughout the organism equally giving maximum effectiveness.


Our products are designed, developed and manufactured with the animals' well-being as our priority. Particular attention is given to the products appearance, smell and appeal so that horses which are known to be rather difficult are more likely to accept them.

Vetoquinol Best Practice


Product Quality & Security Vetoquinol takes quality control very seriously, whether it is for medicines or nutritional supplements. From the selection of premium raw ingredients to the finished product, quality and security are assured via the Vetoquinol Best Practices guarantee.

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